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World Space Week Lesson Activities



Since 1999, World Space Week has been used to celebrate humankind’s innate desire to explore the unexplored and discover the undiscovered. Not only does it celebrate the achievements made globally in space exploration, but it also recognises the crucial contribution international cooperation across cultures and languages has brought to our learning of the great beyond.

Starting on the 4th October and lasting for a week, it’s the largest space event on earth, and now you can get your students involved with our ‘out of this world’ lesson plans and materials! Take your students on your own expedition, exploring new vocabulary and phrases along the way. With resources designed specifically for adult, secondary and primary learners, you’re guaranteed to make a buzz in any classroom environment.


Lesson plan.





Lesson plan.



Lesson plan.


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5 thoughts on “World Space Week Lesson Activities

  1. Thank you very much for this work. It helps teachers a lot.

  2. absolutely wonderful! I particularly liked the Critical Thinking segment and the Adult segment handout. I have shared it on facebook.

    • Thanks for letting us know you enjoyed using the resources, Devika. we appreciate your feedback.

  3. Very good material, it is important that students are always well informed about what happens in the scientific world about the universe and what they think about the exploration of the unknown.

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