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Creating a reading environment | Using readers in the classroom with adults

We all know why our students should read. Ask any teacher and they will probably tell you that reading builds vocabulary, improves grammar, improves writing skills, and develops critical thinking skills. Readers will tell you that they read because it … Continue reading


Creating Extension Activities

From a quick activity to fill in the last 5-10 minutes of class to a review game, or even a full-blown project; extension activities are a way to further the learning aims for a lesson. For this reason, extension activities … Continue reading


4 Christmas ELT Activities For Your Classroom

The festive season is officially upon us! To help you celebrate, we thought we’d share some Christmas ELT activities to get you and your class in the spirit of Christmas. Our teacher trainer Stacey Hughes from the Professional Development team here … Continue reading


#IATEFL – The digital classroom: change of medium or change of methodology?

Stacey Hughes, an Oxford teacher trainer with 20 years teaching experience, joins us to preview her upcoming talk at IATEFL, ‘The digital classroom: change in medium or change in methodology’, held on Friday 15th April at 3.30pm. Today’s e-coursebooks and e-readers … Continue reading

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5 Thanksgiving Resources for your Classroom

Thanksgiving, a national holiday celebrated for the most part in North America and Canada, falls on Thursday, November 22nd this year. This holiday is seen as a day to give thanks, traditionally for the harvest of the previous year. Traditionally … Continue reading