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Introducing The New 8th Edition of the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary

Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionaries sitting in the warehouse

WALL OF WORDS: Just a few of the 28,860,400 sheets of paper used to print the new OALD 8th edition and some of the 782 pallets used to transport them.

It’s here! After five years’ work, and more than 30,000 hours of editing, the new 8th edition of the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary has finally arrived.


Producing a new edition of the world’s best-selling English learner’s dictionary is no mean feat. Have a look at the statistics and see for yourself:

  • 4,600 hours for printing
  • 5,500 hours for folding
  • 5,800 hours for sewing
  • 7,600 kg of ink
  • 28,860,400 sheets of paper= 614,500 kg of books!


And of course these statistics don’t include the many future printings of the 8th edition or the time spent developing the website and the CD-ROM.

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