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Bill Bowler – “Graded Readers: Exploiting them to the Max”

A short preview of Bill Bowler’s IATEFL talk on Graded Readers. Full accompanying PowerPoint slides are available below.

Listen to the full audio of Bill’s talk below:

Or download the full mp3 file (44Mb) by right-clicking here and selecting Save Link As (Firefox) or Save File As (Internet Explorer).


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Readers – Bridging the ELT gap in the Digital Age

This past year my wife, Sue Parminter, and I have been busy editing the new edition of the Dominoes graded reader series. This has led to many a conversation over the dinner table on extensive reading, and the challenges both teachers and learners face in doing it with confidence. I’ve also had lots of chances to discuss the topic with teachers in various countries that I’ve trained in recently, and there seems to be a definite general concern about how to capture the interest of today’s teenage ‘digital natives’ in reading books, when they’re far keener to participate in chat, or play online games.

Ideas to foster book-reading that I’ve been talking about with English teachers in North Cyprus – my most recent port of call – are:

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