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Three Question Interview – Shaun Wilden

We have asked top ELT authors the following 3 questions:

1. What’s your favourite ELT book?
2. What or who has had the biggest impact on ELT in the last 25 years?
3. What do you wish you’d known when you started out in ELT?

Here, Shaun Wilden answers these questions in a short interview:

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Shaun Wilden – “Making Digital Sense in the Classroom”

Reposted and edited from Shaun Wilden’s blog for Oxford University Press

This is a version of the talk I did at IATEFL on Saturday. The powerpoint is the same, I just sat and screen recorded myself this morning. It is about 30 minutes long as I edited bits and could not include the video clips I had in the talk. There is also a bit of a clumsy edit in part three for timing reasons. The websites I used for the talk follow the videos. Enjoy and if you have any questions feel free to leave me a comment.

Making Digital Sense in the Classroom – IATEFL 2010 talk

Part One

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Technology in the classroom – The teacher’s equivalent to Marmite?

Have you ever tried Marmite?  If so, did you like it? I have been asking teachers this question recently.  You’d be surprised at how many teachers around Europe have sampled this quintessentially British product (it’s a black yeast spread, if you haven’t heard of it, it’s lovely on toast).  For a simple product it divides the nation so much so that the advertising slogan for it is: “love it or hate it”.

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