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Technology and Learning Beyond the Classroom

In February 2023, we wrote 5 Ways to Motivate Students with Classroom Technology, including the importance of situated learning, wide exposure to English, personalized learning, autonomy and social learning. We also highlighted our 360° interactive images as a unique form of situated learning that uses technology to increase motivation inside the classroom by taking students on a virtual learning journey, from the bottom of the ocean to the international space station.

Our new paper, Using Technology to Motivate Learners, outlines important considerations when integrating technology into classroom practice (for learning in and beyond the classroom) and offers detailed guidance and suggestions. A good starting point for choosing technologies and tasks is to focus on how best to meet three key psychological needs of autonomy, relatedness and competence. It is important that technologies match with teaching and learning goals, are easy to use, help learners develop appropriate learning behaviors and are relevant to their lives.   Continue reading