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How to Teach English Infographic


Over at Kaplan International, they’ve been finding out how people learn English.

They surveyed more than 500 ESL teachers from around the world to discover what tools they use to enhance their lessons.

Take a look at the results in this infographic, originally posted on the Kaplan blog.

Do the results surprise you? Leave a comment below.

How to Teach English Inforgraphic

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12 thoughts on “How to Teach English Infographic

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  2. this is a great research! it is very interesting for me as for a teacher, and I’m sure it can become a great material for an English class, too)

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  4. Reblogged this on Lifelong Learning in China.

  5. Mr Bean is great but he doesn’t say much !

  6. No, the infographic is not about how to teach English. It’s about what some teachers use in class. It would be better to ask students what is more effective than trawl out these usual “safe” options adopted by some teachers.

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  9. It’s great! I like reading through infographics. It is clear.

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